Hypersonics, EDL, Aerothermodynamics, & Aerodecelerators

Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) is involved in hypersonics, entry descent & landing (EDL), aerothermodynamics, and aerodecelerator research. GAC’s experience in these areas include mission analysis and design (EDL, aerocapture, de-orbit, aeroassist, aerogravity assist, and interplanetary trajectories), high-mass Mars entry systems (HMMES), spacecraft break-up analysis for NASA Launch Approval process (nuclear materials), aerothermodynamic flow analysis (for continuum, rarefied, transitional, and free-molecular flow regimes), aerodynamic database development, thermal protection system sizing, and advanced modeling and software development.

Gossamer orbit lowering device (GOLD) for low-risk satellite de-orbit

Global Aerospace Corporation is developing a Gossamer Orbit Lowering Device (GOLD) for safe and efficient removal from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) of dangerous space junk. The patented GOLD system concept uses a very large ultra thin balloon envelope to increase the aerodynamic drag by a factor of several hundred. This will cause the space junk to enter the earth’s atmosphere quickly and burn up. It will reduce the natural orbit decay of some objects from centuries to months. The computer-generated figure below illustrates a GOLD system de-orbiting a large scientific observatory.

HyperPASS - Hypersonic Planetary Aeroassist Simulation System

HyperPASS is an aeroassist simulation software package coded using the MATLAB language. It enables users to perform simulations at various planets using pre-programmed vehicles or user-entered vehicles. It allows users to perform trade study simulations without prior knowledge of MATLAB, by way of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Two versions of HyperPASS are now available: a fully capable version and an educational version, HyperPASS Lite, for studying hypersonic aeroassist trajectories at all planets bearing atmospheres, except Earth. See below for pricing and ordering information.


Global Aerospace Corporation is developing a hypersonic control modeling and simulation tool (HyperCMST) for hypersonic aeroassist vehicles. The control and simulation testbed is currently focused on the particularly interesting problem of a lifting ballute for planetary aerocapture and descent. The importance of this technology innovation is in the understanding it can provide on the control of hypersonic vehicles, in general, and of lifting ballutes, in particular.

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