HyperPASS Intro

HyperPASS is an aeroassist simulation software package coded using the MATLAB language. It enables users to perform simulations at various planets using pre-programmed vehicles or user-entered vehicles. It allows users to perform trade study simulations without prior knowledge of MATLAB, by way of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Two versions of HyperPASS are now available: a fully capable version and an educational version, HyperPASS Lite, for studying hypersonic aeroassist trajectories at all planets bearing atmospheres, except Earth.

Using HyperPASS

During the mission setup function, the planet, atmosphere, gravity model, and vehicle are chosen. Atmosphere models are pre-programmed exponentially interpolated tables or the user may enter their own table. Gravity models include inverse-square rotating, J2 rotating, and inverse-square non-rotating. Vehicles include Apollo, Viking, Elliptical Raked-Cone (AFE), or user-entered vehicles.

Simulations can be automated in order to carry out trade studies on the variations of key aerocapture parameters. Afterwards, output can be viewed and plotted for further analysis. Below is a sample state-vector output plot from a HyperPASS guided aerocapture simulation at Mars.

HyperPASS Start Up Screen

Mars Guided Aerocapture Simulation Screen

Mars Guided Aerocapture Data Plots

HyperPASS Uses

  • Mission studies of aerocapture systems at planets with atmospheres.
  • Trade studies to investigate performance with alternate aeroshell types, varying flight path angle and entry velocity, different g-load limits, angle of attack and angle of bank variations.
  • Educational purposes because of its ease of use.

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HyperPASS Capabilities

  • Simulations at Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune
  • Manual / Guided / Thrusting Aerocapture Simulation
  • Manual / Guided Ballute Simulation
  • Aerobraking Simulation
  • Entry Descent and Landing (EDL)
  • Infinite Mid-flight Trajectory Transitions
  • G-Load Calculation
  • Stagnation Point Heating Rate Calculation
  • Dynamic Pressure Calculation
  • Trajectory Visualization
  • Several Entry Vehicle Types
  • View Previous Simulation

HyperPASS System Requirements & Demo

  • PC: MATLAB Version 7.5 (R2007b) or higher
  • MAC: MATLAB Version 7.8 (R2009a), Mac 0S 10. 5
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