About the Company

Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) was founded in 1997 by former NASA/JPL engineers and scientists as a commercial research and development firm. GAC maintains its corporate office in Irwindale, California, where it develops prototypes and works its projects in a 4,300 sq. ft. R&D office/industrial space. These facilities are used to conduct task engineering work, assembly, integration, and testing of hardware as it is prepared for flight, as well as project meetings and report writing. Our facilities meet Federal, California, and Los Angeles County environmental laws and regulations. Our corporate activities include technical analysis and research, aerospace mission and system concept development, aerospace technology research and development, deep ocean systems research and development, and system design, prototyping, and demonstration. Our corporate team is highly qualified with over 400 years of cumulative aerospace experience.

Core Competencies

  • Solutions for harsh and extreme environments with emphasis on buoyant and hypersonic systems

  • Modeling and simulation of complex systems


  • We are made up of creative engineers and scientists that have a passion for aerospace research

  • We enjoy circumventing challenges that most people treat as insurmountable

  • We produce honest, data-driven research and engineering analysis for Government and commercial customers

Areas of Expertise

  • Aeroelasticity

  • Aerothermodynamics

  • Buoyancy

  • Mechanical design and engineering

  • Orbital mechanics

  • Systems engineering and modeling

Meet our Personnel

Our corporate knowledge base resides with a highly qualified team of engineers, scientists, consultants, and researchers with expertise in conceptual design and prototyping, systems analysis and engineering, device and mechanical systems design, balloon-borne systems, automation and robotics, mission and orbit design, and thermal sciences. The majority of the technical staff at Global Aerospace Corporation have advanced degrees from research institutions.

Kerry T. Nock
Founder, President, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Kim Aaron
Chief Engineer

Alex Kang
Office Manager

Derek K. Lo
Staff Engineer

R. Stephen Schlaifer
Staff Programmer

Dale R. Burger
Senior Engineer

Dr. Matthew Kuperus Heun
Senior Engineer, Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Angus D. McRonald
Senior Engineer

Past and Current Customers

Our customers are globally recognized aerospace and defense organizations.

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