StratoSail® Balloon Guidance System (BGS)

The StratoSail® balloon guidance system (BGS) is designed to alter the flight path of balloons. The StratoSail® BGS takes advantage of the natural difference in wind speed at different altitudes in the atmosphere. A wing is suspended several kilometers below the balloon gondola using a long thin tether. The wing is hanging on end, so its "lift" acts sideways rather than upward as in an airplane. This sideways lift force is used to drag the balloon across the wind. This allows the balloon to be maneuvered towards regions of interest and away from unfavorable conditions.

Global Constellations of Stratospheric Platforms

Global Aerospace Corporation is developing a revolutionary concept for a global constellation and network of perhaps hundreds of stratospheric superpressure balloons which can address major scientific questions relating to Earth science by globally measuring stratospheric gases, collecting data on atmospheric circulation, observing the Earth's surface and detecting and monitoring environmental hazards.

Deployed Aerial Balloon Platforms from Reentry Systems, Supersonic Missiles, or Aircraft

Global Aerospace Corporation has developed a unique and innovative concept for aerial platforms that can be used to provide real-time communications, intelligence, surveillance, and/or reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to a battlefield area or a disaster area. They are balloon platforms that can be deployed by high speed vehicles and can carry a payload to a high operational altitude over a specific target area.

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