Global Aerospace Corporation to Present Pluto Lander Concept to NASA

Global Aerospace Corporation Pluto Lander

Global Aerospace Corporation plans to present its “Pluto Hop, Skip and Jump” mission concept at NIAC as symposium in Denver, CO on September 25.

IRWINDALE, CA – Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) announced today that it will present its Pluto lander concept at the 2017 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium in Denver, CO. Under a grant from NASA’s NIAC program, GAC is developing an integrated “entrycraft” architecture that can decelerate and gently land on the surface of Pluto from a speed of over 30,000 mph using only drag from Pluto’s ultra-thin atmosphere and just a few pounds of propellant. Once at the surface, the vehicle can switch to “hopper” mode, taking advantage of the low gravitational acceleration and a modest propellant store to hop around the surface, sometimes tens or hundreds of kilometers at a time, investigating surface features of interest.

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