A new technology for monitoring global disasters

From the article: At the annual meeting of the Global Disaster Information Network in Rome, Italymlast week, Global Aerospace Corporation introduced a new type of satellite that could provide communications and remote sensing data for disasters in remote areas of the world with no technological infrastructure. Read the full article here:  MORE ABOUT STRATOSAIL Read more about StratoSail here

Sailing The Planets: Exploring Mars With Guided Balloons

From the article: Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have, by now, spent almost two years on the surface of Mars. They traveled several miles each, frequently stopping and analyzing scientific targets with their cameras, spectrometers and other instruments to uncover evidence of liquid water on Mars in the past. Their mission is a smashing success for NASA. Read the full article here:  […]

DARE for Planetary Exploration

From the article: Balloons outfitted with innovative steering devices and robot probes could be the future of planetary exploration. Dr. Alexey Pankine, a fellow at the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), presented an analysis of balloon applications for planetary science at the World Space Congress in Houston, Texas last month. His study, entitled Directed Aerial Robot Explorers or DARE, is funded by NIAC. […]

Sophisticated balloon technology could help steer hypersonic spacecraft

From the article: Getting spacecraft traveling at hypersonic speeds to slow down and land or achieve a particular orbit on a dime is no easy feat. But researchers are developing a tool that will let engineers model and ultimately build advanced flight control systems that meld balloon and parachute technologies known as a ballute (BALLoon-parachUTE). Basically a ballute is […]

Cyclical visits to Mars via astronaut hotels

From the article: We all now what hotels and motels are, but did you ever think of spending some time in an Astrotel? For the generations to come, it will still be a rather breathtaking experience to travel to such a spaceport, and probably the number of people who will stay there on their way to Mars will be limited. But, according to GAC, Global Aerospace Corporation, Astrotels may very well become frequently used […]

Sailing the planets: Exploring Mars with guided balloons

From the article: Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have, by now, spent almost two years on the surface of Mars. They traveled several miles each, frequently stopping and analyzing scientific targets with their cameras, spectrometers and other instruments to uncover evidence of liquid water on Mars in the past. Their mission is a smashing success for NASA. But what if NASA had a platform […]

Robotic Balloon Probe Could Pierce Venus’s Deadly Clouds

From the article: NASA contractor Global Aerospace recently developed a hybrid satellite-balloon. The contraption, dubbed the StratoSail, was originally conceived as a way to control the paths of weather balloons floating at the edge of space. Yet this match made in the heavens might be headed for a very real hell: the nightmarish atmosphere of Venus. Global Aerospace’s Dr. Alexey Pankine […]

Robot balloons could explore Mars

From the article: Remote-controlled balloons carrying armies of minirobots could be filling Mars’ skies if a project by Californian scientists takes off. NASA-funded researchers are developing the StratoSail, a balloon with a wing, that can be accurately steered through Mars’ winds for months. Like weather balloons, the StratoSail could carry cameras and gadgets to spot potential areas for human missions. Read the full article here:  MORE ABOUT PLANETARY BALLOONS […]

Negotiating the Stratosphere

From the article: An engineering company has developed a system that may offer some control over NASA’s high-altitude weather balloons. The control device, called StratoSail, consists of a spar from which an 8-foot rudder and an 18-foot wing hang. The developer, Global Aerospace Corp. of Altadena, Calif., has tested a miniature version from a tethered blimp. The company’s president, Kerry Nock, said […]