Mars Balloon Could Offer Supersharp, Superfast Surveys

From the article: A balloon-based spacecraft could survey Mars with rover-level detail in a fraction of the time it takes with ground-based vehicles, scientists say. The U.S. space agency’s celebrated Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have each roamed several miles during nearly two years on the planet’s surface. Their mission has been an unqualified success, providing breathtaking images and important data. Read […]

Main Belt Transportation System?

From the article: At the 10-11 June annual meeting of NASA’s Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), Global Aerospace Corporation (GCA) delivered a status report on its phase II concept study, “Cyclical Visits to Mars via Astronaut Hotels” (GCA calls them “AstroTels”). Funded through next January by NIAC, the concept in development is a way to cost-effectively service a small […]

How to Put Humans on Mars by 2035

From the article: At a meeting of space-settlement enthusiasts earlier this year at Princeton University, Kerry Nock asked for a show of hands from people who think there won’t eventually be some sort of permanent base on Mars. No hands went up. He knew none would. This was an audience of believers. Nock, president of Global Aerospace Corporation, was there […]

High-Altitude Surveillance

From the article: When Per Lindstrand flew his Stratoquest to an altitude of 65,000 feet, he set the world record for the greatest height ever reached by a human in a hot-air balloon. His flight also piqued the interest of military and intelligence officials seeking near -space technology solutions that could provide persistent surveillance in an operational theater. […]

It’s a Gas

From the article: Balloons have long been utilized as a low-cost way to observe the cosmos and are routinely employed in observations of the Earth’s atmosphere. According to a recent review by a NASA scientist, the future of planetary exploration could lie in balloons that contain innovative steering devices and robot probes. Read the full article here: MORE ABOUT PLANETARY BALLOONS Read […]

A rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery operation performance model

From the article: Global Aerospace Corp. announced today that, in collaboration with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it is managing a $749,000 Missile Defense Agency contract to develop a prototype, high fidelity, first principle-based, comprehensive, and user-friendly software model, called Dakota, to predict the long-term behavior of advanced rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries in aerospace applications. In addition to aerospace applications, the model […]

Sailing the planets: Exploring Mars with guided balloons

From the article: ALTADENA, CA – Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have, by now, spent almost two years on the surface of Mars. They traveled several miles each, frequently stopping and analyzing scientific targets with their cameras, spectrometers and other instruments to uncover evidence of liquid water on Mars in the past. Their mission is a smashing success for […]

Bird’s Eye View

From the article: Unsurprisingly, the best place to watch an earthquake from is up in the air. And a balloon may be the best platform of all. The annual meeting of the Global Disaster Information Network in Italy last week saw the introduction of a new type of balloon-based satellite that could provide communications and remote sensing data for disasters in remote areas of the world with no technological […]