Development of HyperCMST

GAC was featured on on it’s announcement of the development of HyperCMST (Hypersonic Control Modeling & Simulation Tool) to be used for control studies for planetary atmospheric entry and descent, aerodynamic orbital capture and aerodynamic gravity assist.

From the article:

Global Aerospace Corporation announced today that it has begun development of a Hypersonic Control Modeling and Simulation Tool (HyperCMST). HyperCMST will be used for control studies for planetary atmospheric entry and descent, aerodynamic orbital capture, and aerodynamic gravity assist. This new tool will allow engineers to model and simulate optimal control trajectories for a variety of hypersonic vehicles and has direct applications to NASA Exploration missions to the Moon, Mars, and Earth-return in addition to robotic space science missions to planets and satellites that have substantial atmospheres.

More on HyperCMST

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